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Created in 1983, Ekbladet is a HHUS member magazine and one of HHUS most prestigious branches. Ekbladet, based in Umeå is released four times per year and circulates approximately  1,400 copies. They are distributed to all our members as well as corporates, partners and institutions. Do you enjoy writing, photographing and/or design?
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I’m thankful for being apart of a magazine that is made by HHUS students and for students. The editorial board consists of creative and volunteering students. Together, we help to create a magazine containing interviews, reports and other interesting articles that are related to a particular topic for each issue.

Do you have any ideas for Ekbladet, do not hesitate to contact us!

Our biggest goal for the magazine is to create a community. Therefore, it is open to all members and everyone will have the chance to show what they are going for! Ekbladet has opportunities to grow and develop, so we are constantly looking for people that are interested in being apart of the magazine.