Environmental work


Scientists all over the world are talking about a world that is heating up at a fast pace. To counteract this, companies, organizations and foundations all over the world are focusing more on working with lowering emissions, electricity consumption and to recycle more.

Regarding these issues, Sweden is a country that is on the front edge. However, as a rich country, Sweden is still utilizing a lot more resources than can be afforded if the living standard is to be raised on a global level.

Sustainable thinking is a natural part for many Swedes and organizations in Sweden. Therefore, it seems like a natural thing to implement in our daily work at HHUS.


The environmental policy should be an aid and guide for the environmental work of the association. It should concretize how to incorporate the daily environmental work regardless of which part of the committee or part of the association that is affected.

Furthermore, it should be used to guide the board in both their long term and short term decisions.

The policy can (and will be) changed in case of changes in the organization, but the overall format should be kept for easier understanding and statistical inference in the following years. The policy can only be changed once a year, to promote long sightedness. If changing the policy, the change needs to be accepted at a board meeting (decision point)

Made by: Artur Söderlund with help of Ramiar Jabar Nadr, Alice Jedborn & Josefin Fagerlund.

HHUS Environmental Policy

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