Is it possible for my friend who do not have a union card to join me for an event at the E-pub?
- No. The E-pub’s alcohol license is for students only.

Is it possible for my friend who is studying on another campus to join the pubs event?
- Yes. It is possible to buy a “guest student union card”. This grants access to all of Umeås student pubs. This card can be acquired at the reception of Umeå studentkår in Samhällsvetarhuset. You can purchase the card for your friend if you have date of birth, full name and a picture of his or hers “kårleg”. The price is 100 kr and will cover the whole semester.

Why work at the E-pub?
- The biggest perk is that you will meet new amazing people. You don’t need to have any past experience to work; we will teach you everything you need! But we also want to give something back (except great company and food for the night) so we have a “VIP-queue” (Very important Pubbis)! This mean you don’t need to stand in queue for an event of your choice. Read more HERE!

If you are interested in working you can join our facebook group “Staff at the E-pub” or just grab some friendly pub member in the hallway!