Registration policy

Initiated 2016-05-01, according to the decision made by The Board 2016-03-17

“HHUS have been experiencing problems with members who register to events and then do not show up, due to the economic consequences this results in we have, since 2016-05-01, introduced a registration policy. This means that when a member register to all free events hosted by HHUS the member has to approve that a cancellation of their registration must be done at the latest 24h before the event. If the member fails to do so they will be given a mark, at 3 marks the member will be suspended from participation in any HHUS events that require registration beforehand. Marks last during one school year and a suspension lasts for 4 months. When a member is given a mark or suspension they will be informed via email by the Vice Head of the implicated committee.”

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