Maja Bjuggstam - Head of Economy

The Head of the Economy committee has the ultimate responsibility for the association’s economy. The Economy committee is in charge of all economic activity within the association. The main task as the Head of Economy committee is to coordinate the committee.

Sofia Grundström - Vice Head of economy

The Vice Head of the Economy committee is the right hand to the Head of the Commitee and supports the committee internally.

stefan svedberg - Master of finance

The Finance Manager is the chairman of HHUS Financial Management Team and has the operative responsibility for the group. The Finance Manager is responsible for leading the work of managing HHUS portfolio in accordance with applied rules, performing education in financial theory and practice towards HHUS members and arranging social gatherings with financially related tasks.

Mattia odell - Accountant

The Chief Accountant works close to the Head and Vice Head of the Economy committe to keep track of all accounts. The primary task is to bookkeep everything that goes on whitin the association.

Markus olsson - Junior Controller

The job as the Junior Controller consists of three main tasks; budgeting for all the committees and help with the budgeting process, do follow-ups on the different budgets and handle all the invoicing of the association.