WELCOME TO THE E-PUBS PAGE! Here you will find information about our beloved E-pub.

Today’s E-pub differ in many ways compared to how it all started. The E-pub arose in a basement in Ålidhem as an underground club and today it is one of the most popular student pubs in Umeå. We thank our dedicated committee members who are constantly working to keep the pub rolling! Our committee consists of 14 students who are working as “KC” (Kvällschefer - evening managers). Every night these KC’s needs a team to work with, and we are more than happy to see old and new faces – everyone is welcome. This is a perfect opportunity to get to know new people and learn something new in the bar (or in the closet).

“E” in The E-pub stands for Economist even though the E-pub Committee has representatives from IE and JF. For us the E-pub is a pub where all programs are welcome. Thus, we have a breadth of events such as lectures, gasques, live music, EPP (after-the bell pub) and nightclubs!