Micaela sandin - Head of MARKETING

The Head of Marketing is responsible for coordinating the marketing, making sure the content is of good quality and continuously analyzing the result. One of the most important tasks is to support the committee, making sure they have the possibility to grow in their professional roles. The Head of Marketing is also the Publisher of Ekbladet and a member of the Board. Right now also in charge of you student radio, Ekonomlivet.

Fanny andersson - Vice head of MARKETING committee

My main task is to support the Marketing Committee internally. I also take part in the creative process of forging different marketing strategies and campaigns for a variety of events. My other task is to create the HHUS Newsletter which includes information from our business partners and HHUS.

Prietha Ponnampalam - Editor in chief

As Editor in Chief for Ekbladet, my main task is to create the magazine and the layout. Together with the Managing editor, I decide what types of articles we want to have in the magazine. I am also responsible for the external contact, like the printing company.

Julia östman - Managing editor

The Managing Editor is responsible for the internal communication between the editorial staff of Ekbladet and making sure everyone is involved. Together with the Editor in Chief, the Managing Editor plans what is to be included in the student magazine.

Moa längert - Art director

As Art Director in the marketing committee, I am responsible for HHUS face to the public. I create most of the marketing material for HHUS, such as eventbanners and posters. I am in close contact with everyone in the marketing committee and they bring me tasks on what is being communicated. 

Julie zanic - Communicator for the E-pub

As the communicator for the E-pub, I promote their events such as EPP:s (efter-plugget-pub), tentafester and nightclubs. My job is to marketing these event troughs the E-pubs social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. I work between the marketing- and pub committee to promote the E-pubs event as good as possible.

linnea martinsson - Business communicator

As the communicator of the Business Committee, I am in charge of all marketing that revolves around events such as breakfast clubs, lunch lectures and cooperation activities. I also work alongside the teams of Unbreakable, London Business Week and Ekbladet. I also administer the Available Jobs-section and assist in marketing various recruitment within the association.

Agnes lantto - Social communicator

As the communicator for the Social Committee, I promote their events such as sittings, Sport events, Insparken etc. I am responsible for marketing these events through HHUS various social medias. Im also an intermediary between the art director and the social committee, and are involved throughout the marketing process.

Sebastian wennberg - webmaster

The webmaster is responsible for the operation, management, development and maintenance of the website.