Do you want to skip our endless queues?

We want to give something back, except great company and food for the night, so we have created a “VIP-queue” (Very Important Pubbis)!

This means you don’t need to stand in queue for an event of your choice. There are 3 different levels which you reach once you collected enough points for that specific level. When you reach the point limit you will receive a VIP-card that will represent that level. Once you got your level you will be able to use your perks unlimited amount of times until the end of the year! The points are divided as following:

Working an EPP/sitting will generate 1 point.
Working a nightclub/afterparty will generate 2 points.
Working an Exam-Party will generate 3 points.

The different levels and perks:
Bronze 6 points
Get access to specific events and sittings dedicated to E-pub workers. Amongst other you get VIP access to Summerbreak and Winterbreak! More information about events will be posted continuously.

Silver 12 points
Get access to the VIP-queue on our EPP’s. You’ll be able to enter a couple of minutes before 3pm to make sure you can secure a cozy seat! You do not need to notify in advance to be able to access the VIP-queue.

Gold 20 points
Get access to the VIP-queue at our nightclubs and afterparty! You can also bring up to 2 friends. You do not need to notify in advance to be able to access the VIP-queue. Of course, you will still be able to benefit from lower levels once you get upgraded to a higher level!

If you want to use the VIP-queue on an Exam-party you need to have worked on an Exam- party. However, in combination with the Gold card you can also bring 2 of your friends! You will have to send an email to if you want to use the VIP queue at least 2 hours before opening hours. The VIP access is only open until 23.00. When upgrading from one level to another, you will have to submit your old card. Without this, we will not be able to upgrade you. The card is personal and it is strictly forbidden to give this to someone else. The E-pub reserve the right to revoke a VIP-Card if needed.

If you have any questions regarding the VIP-Card system, please contact us at:

Please note: you have to let us know as soon as possible since we can only let 15 people use their points in one night. You must also arrive at the pub before 23.00 to be able to use the VIP-queue!