Days before the start of the fall semester the newly arrived students kick off their arrival in a major fashion by the annual ”Inspark”. ”Insparken” is coordinated by the ”Generals”, elected by the HHUS board. To help them the Generals have the HHUS members who will start their third semester at Umeå School of Business and Economics (USBE), ”Faddrarna”. They expericenced Insparken the previous year. The newly arrived student, also known as ”Rookie”, will remain as a Rookie too these ”Fadders” until the rookie has earned their first highschool points. This will (hopefully, if the Rookie has done its studies) take place five weeks into the semester – when the Inspark officially ends. This is celebrated through the grand finale – ”Finsittningen”. A Rookie will always remain a Rookie in the eyes of the Fadder, however after the first weeks the Rookie is now free to explore the city and university as it pleases. The Rookie is now also encouraged to create her/his own parties and adventures and invite the Fadders!


A tradition at HHUS is to have a lot of parties known as ”Gasquer”. A Gasque is a traditional sort of party, beginning with a “Sittning”, a formal (or informal) dinner with songs, performances and loads of fun! Afterwards the party continues with joy, music and dancing.

A Gasque under the banner of HHUS is created by the Social Committee and their ”Klubbmästeri”.


At all Gasques there will be one (or multiple) toastmaster(s). It is the mission of the toastmaster to guide the guests through the songs and performances of the evening. When the toastmaster speaks on the stage, there shall be absolute silence. If a guest spontaneously would like to start a song or a performance they are free to do so. Checking with the toastmaster on beforehand is appreciated.

Singing and the Songbook

It is custom at Gasques to sing songs, traditional, modern and homemade ones. Our tool too help out with remembering these songs is the HHUS Songbook. This book or pamphlet should be cared for through the years in Umeå and the songs learned as the years pass. It is the responsibility of the Fadders to make sure the Rookies learn a few songs during the first few weeks. It is custom that everyone sings a song together before taking their seats. You can find the songbook HERE!